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Product Description

This is a Modification Service. I will install the Team Xecuter Coolrunner RGH chip in your Phat or Slim Xbox 360. System will arrive with FreeStyleDash 3.0 and Dash Launch 3.5 pre-installed and ready to go! If your Xbox 360 has a Hdd, I will set the Game Paths as well. Shipping is paid by customer both ways.


With this system…

  • You can keep and play all your games on an internal or external hard drive up to 2TB! (a 2TB HDD holds 285 Xbox 360 Games)
  • Play Xbox 1 games from your hard drive!
  • Play Snes, Genesis, Nintedo 64 and Mame emulators!
  • This Modification will install FreeStyleDash 3, Dash Launch 3.5 and XEX 1.1 menu! Your system comes pre-loaded with these programs from me, just plug and play!!
  • Mod your favorite Xbox 360 and Emulator games with trainers, mod menus and XeX Hacks!
  • With FSD you can run your Xbox 360 fan at full speed to help eliminate over heating RROD issues!
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      This service is for all Xbox 360’s (except XENON’S) and includes appropriate Coolrunner for your Dash number, fs3, DL3.5 and XeX 1.1. Shipping instructions will be Emailed to you, along with my Email and Phone Number as soon as I get the order!

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      All RGH installs are now $199.99

      RGH Install Service Options

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      I hope you enjoy what we have to offer and please be patient, the site is updated daily and I am still setting it up! Check back often for gaming news, game releases and hacks! If you have questions, want a repair quote, or have any other concerns please feel free to Email me at:



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