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I have been servicing the greater Seattle area by modding and fixing Xbox 360′s and other video game systems since I was 15 years old.  I have a dedicated ir welder to replace gpu chips and have been super successful with all types of RROD repairs. Installing Rgh chips is my favorite part of the business and I have made over 100 RGH installs to date! I mainly do RGH installs, Demon Dual Nand Installs, DVD drive flashing/replacement, and a few different levels of RROD repair such as reballing and re flowing the GPU. I can do just about anything electronically, so if you need something and you don’t see it listed on my website, just sign up for my mailing list and shoot me a message! I will Email you asap with a quote, and if you want the service I will send you a paypal invoice with shipping instructions.

Product Installs and Repairs

The products and services I sell are:

New Game Releases

I try to feature the the newest Xbox 360 and now Xbox One games that are released every month in my Blog section. I will tell you the release date and offer a (affiliate) link for the pre-sale of the game from Amazon.com. When you order the game this way, you get it the day it comes out and often times a few days early!! Check out the best game of the month!!

DMC: Devil May Cry

  • This game is scheduled to come out on Jan 15th, 2013
  • This game is produced by CAPCOM
  • This game is rated “M” for Mature 17+
  • Listing the game at $59.96, all signs points to a high price point at launch.



Game Reviews

This is where I review games. I tell you what I heard, what I think and how much I like the game. It is not usually a very indepth review, but there are plenty of sites that do that! You can check them out in my Game Reviews section!! Check out my Assassins Creed 3 Review


Game Walkthrough Videos

I try to record walkthrough videos as often as possible. I am working on a content creation schedule that will have me posting 10-20 videos a day!! You can check them out Here


Gamer Achievements

I list all the Gamer Achievements and other important information about the game such as intel locations Here

Product Affiliate Store

As the website grows I will be featuring Xbox 360 related products. I have experience with all the products I offer.


I only use Team-Xecuter products!!



I hope you enjoy what we have to offer and please be patient, the site is updated daily and I am still setting it up! Check back often for gaming news, game releases and hacks! If you have questions, want a repair quote, or have any other concerns please feel free to Email me at:



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